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My new program : Calibre2Opds

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I can vouch for Calibre's converting ability.  I use it to convert stuff to ePub format for reading on my Nintendo DS.

I just installed Calibre for the first time and imported a few folders with about 5 dozen ebooks, mostly all PDF. I like the UI though it seemed somewhat slow to respond. E.g., I need to edit a lot of the ebooks as Calibre didn't pick up the title or author, and just entering a title rendered Calibre non-responsive for maybe 5-8 seconds before the edit showed. Also after editing about 2 dozen I decided to take a break and browse a bit - I think I came here to DC for ~20 or 30 minutes - but the PC was slow and I noticed that my CPU resources were running thin; checked Task Manager and Calibre was using 46-50% CPU. Doing nothing I could tell. Just sitting on the taskbar inactive. So I shut it down. Haven't opened it again yet.

Anyone know if this is common?




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