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My new program : Calibre2Opds

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Hi fellow DonationCoders !

I've released a new version of my Calibre2opds program, and I think that it may interest some of you, even if it's quite a specialized piece of software...
But what does it do ?

If you use the wonderful Calibre to manage your eBook collection, my program will generate a very nice catalog both in HTML format (for use with any modern browser) and OPDS format (for use with Stanza, Aldiko or any other OPDS-compatible ebook reader).

Here is a nice tutorial about the previous version, which also shows how to use Dropbox to put your eBook collection in the cloud !

It's written in Java, so the prerequisites are simple : Java 1.5 ; and it's free !


cool, thanks for sharing  :up:
(ps going to move this to general software area).

Sorry for "necromancing" this thread   :-[    but what do most use for managing their PDF ebook collections? I just downloaded the latest version of Calibre which calls itself an "ebook management program" but I haven't installed it yet; I wanted to ask first what others here are using and to see if anyone has any comments about Calibre before installing it.

Calibre2Opds looks nice but I don’t have any ebooks in that particular format.



Well, for starters, I do use Calibre of course. It's more than capable of managing a library of PDF documents.
Also, calibre2opds (which moved here by the way) is also capable of generating both OPDS and HTML catalogs from your Calibre library, whatever formats your books are in (PDF included).

The April issue of Linux Journal has an extensive review of Calibre and its latest features. The conversion ability alone is worth it, and it's cross-platform, open source.
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