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20 New User Misconceptions about Linux

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Like zridling, I haven't run into any showstopper issues with 64-bit distros for quite a while now. But I stay fairly mainstream with what I install. And I'm also slightly behind the most recent curve for hardware. So finding drivers or workarounds usually isn't a problem because of it.
-40hz (March 08, 2011, 09:27 AM)
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It is very possible but we have to note the following
- as far as I know all distros default to 32 bit and you have to search to get the 64 bit. Not the case on windows anymore
- many drivers are 32bit only, even some of the free software ones need to be compiled 32 bits, but that is getting better
- in order to use all the standard tools many people would expect you need to get compatibility libraries etc. on. And in order to do that, since it is not done by default, you need to be rather technical. (which explains the point above, why distros dont offer it as standard) made me notice that point :) I was using 64bit on one machine and 32bit on the games machine without thinking about it... (and whining about the memory limit i was getting on the games machine...)

re: the state of X

Agree. Development efforts  are currently going through a bad patch. I'm optimistic however. They've been through this before. Eventually, they'll either get it all worked out, or fork (again) - and may the best approach win.  

And if not, X will go the way of all flesh, and something else will come along to replace it. "No tears in heaven" as Eric said.
-40hz (March 08, 2011, 09:27 AM)
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Here's to hoping - but frankly fragmented as the community is I cant imagine it happening. Any one group that would try would get slammed by the rest (Ubuntu got slammed for even wanting to do their own wm! imagine if they wanted to rethink X!)

It does stop people from feeling comfortable starting with linux on the desktop - heck, i get put off and confused with the desktop situation, whenever I try - and I try often.

Chose a distro and a desktop environment - lots of choice - try a few live ones or let a friend pick. That's the EASY part. Then trying to determine what apps are there that do X Y or Z then trying to figure out whether they can easily run on what desktop environment and what the impact is. This app is gnome, this one is just GTK, that one QT, that one KDE, that one E17... what happens if I install an app made for one on the other, will it affect my performance or stability? What if the best photo manager is kde but the best screenshot taking tool is gnome? how to proceed?

You get that situation for every step and every tool and task when you start on the linux desktop. It gets to the point where you end up having choice overload...

(note that this confusion carries on to audio as well, which X is not to blame for but each program only works with a set of audio layers etc. and it is WORK to get stuff set up to all cohabitate happily... that's alot of stuff to have to waste human brain cycles and memory on just to be sure that the music player you download will actually work with the other audio stuff you already have set up...)

diversity is great, but it is also confusing, alas.

@iphigenie - Hi! Nice to see your moniker gracing the forum again. It's been a while.  :)
-40hz (March 08, 2011, 09:27 AM)
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Thanks for the welcome back :) I have been eaten by work (big projects and lots of travel) and finding it hard to cope with basic life organisation and keeping up with things. Didnt stop me from installing and/or buying more software than I need, though, these addictions never go away. But I am behind on admin, keeping in touch with people (not good), calling people, and all sorts of hobbies have fallen by the wayside. Getting better.

Thanks for the welcome back :) I have been eaten by work (big projects and lots of travel)
-iphigenie (March 09, 2011, 06:05 AM)
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Forgive me if I'm faux envious. Grass is always greener, no doubt. ;D

In my case it's barely enough small projects - and far too much running around because of. :-\

Never had a problem with finding installing or running 64-bit since I 'graduated' two years ago, including custom compiling of things that aren't in the repositories.
Maybe that's just me - I'm a bit tenacious when I want to be.

I agree audio needs to be cleaned up, and PulseAudio needs to get out of the way for that to REALLY happen.
As it is, Pulse is doing a great job of making things "just work" but it's like finally finding the right combination of duct tape and bailing wire to make the old Nova run consistently, when what you really need to do is build a freakin' Porsche.

As for X, I am hoping the Wayland project doesn't turn into a nightmare.

Nice to see you again as well, Iphi; I am sorry your Linux experiments have not been satisfactory.
I often find myself in that unenviable position of being the guy in the chat rooms and forums who simply parrots "works for me..." when others complain bitterly.
Sorry 'bout that...


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