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LATEST MiniCap VERSION INFO THREAD - v1.40.01 - Jun 24, 2017

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Hi Srpirny,

Sorry for the delay in replying -- i've spent the last couple of weeks working non-stop on a new program and I'm a bit behind in other things.
I will try to add ability to pass the print settings via commandline.

Minor release:

v1.28.01 - Nov 29, 2013

* [MinorFeature] Added -capsound commandline option to play sound after capture.
* [Major Feature] Updated with latest Screenshot Captor scrolling window capture code.
* [Feature] Now offering both installer and portable zip downloads; executables and installer are now signed.

Hi mouser. In v1.28 the red caption bar flickers quickly on my Win7 X64 system even when the mouse pointer does not move.

I'll check into it on win7.

No need. Because I can't reproduce the problem myself now. The culprit earlier was likely something else I had running at the same time. Will post back if it happens again.


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