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LATEST MiniCap VERSION INFO THREAD - v1.42.01 - Jun 27, 2022

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I have posted a beta update with new vista/win7 semi-transparent aero glass capture:

v1.20.01 - 5/3/10

* [Feature] Updated with latest Screenshot Captor capture code.
* MajorFeature] Completely re-rewritten new method for capturing Aero Glass themed Semi-transparent windows on Vista and Windows 7.  Based on an approach described by Ian Griffiths (, with several tweaks for automatic border detection and improved color handling.  A new options tab ("Windows Capturing") was added to control the various options for it.  Note that by default SC will preserve the entire transparency recovered from the window; this will allow you to composite the screenshot in graphics editing software with it's original semi-transparent regions and effects.  By default SC will attempt to remove the shadow effect imparted by Aero, but you can change this via commandline options.
* [BugFix] Was refusing to capture certain windows like Google Chrome; errors in capturing are now reported better.
v1.18.01 - 12/25/2009

* Added commandline options for grayscale and black+white conversion.

Hello there,  dont you think I should do a trial on the program  to see if I would use it,   then if so  would be happy to donate.   Running the donation blurb so early leaves an opinion that the  writer(obviously very talented) is more interested in the income than the use of the  program.      I think the   donation splash should come up at least a week after the download.   thanks.

moffitt -- welcome to the site and thank you for taking the time to post.

First, i think you must be talking about Screenshot Captor, because i don't think MiniCap has any blurb or nag or anything.  at least not to my memory.

If you are talking about Screenshot Captor (the big brother of MiniCap), then the situation is a bit harder to explain.  My big apps, like Screenshot Captor, pop up a quick welcome message the first time you run them, and then will start to ask you to download a *FREE* license key after about 10 days;  to get that you just come to our site and visit the license key page.  Once you put that in you shouldn't be reminded again or see any sign whatsoever for 6 months, at which point you can drop by the page again for a new key.

I know it's confusing, but the attempt is not to nag people to force them to donate -- but to try to at least get people to realize that our site survives only through the donations of users, and to make sure they don't at least visit our site to learn that if they are going to use our software.


My mind is swimming with so many MiniCap options here.

Would someone please put together the code for the following?

-- Hit a hotkey, say PrntScrn

-- Take snap of entire single monitor

-- Save to folder:  c:\snaps\

-- Save in png format

-- Use the following date/time format for file naming:  yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss

-- Make a nice distinct audible sound so that I have confidence a screenshot was actually snapped (allow user to select some wav file, such as a camera click of choice -- wav file is located at c:\sounds\camera.wav)

-- Stay "resident" so that I can hit PrntScrn again after while

End result:
c:\snaps\2011-08-25 16:23:37.png
c:\snaps\2011-08-25 19:04:52.png
c:\snaps\2011-08-25 21:18:01.png
c:\snaps\2011-08-26 00:48:29.png

Thanks much!


P.S. -- would doing what is requested above be better with big brother ScreenShot Captor?

You want Screenshot Captor, it will do everything you are requesting easily.

MiniCap is when you don't want it to stay resident and don't want to trigger capture via hotkey.


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