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LATEST MiniCap VERSION INFO THREAD - v1.42.01 - Jun 27, 2022

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ps. I am now fixing a long-standed minicap bug that could cause a program fault at exit time.

Please try the latest (1.38.01) available on MiniCap homepage:

v1.38.01 - Dec 30, 2017

* [Bugfix] Fixed a long standing error that could cause a program fault on exit.
* [Improvement] MiniCap now uses a configdir file to determine if it runs portably or not, and saves settings in appropriate directory (local or in MyDocments) as appropriate.


Thank you very much- everything seems right with MiniCap version 1.38.

By the way- is there a way to get notifications when any of your programs gets an update? It is a bit tiresome to manually check for updates all your programs.


Several ways:
1. Use an RSS feed reader on this thread
2. Subscribe to this thread to get email alerts when someone posts
3. Watch for changes in the pad file:

My larger applications have built in version checking, but not minicap.

Note: We are in the process of moving to a completely new CMS system for the website -- its possible with that we can set up some better email notification thing when apps are updated.

v1.39.01 - Apr 2, 2018

* [Improvement] Removed a flash of the main interactive window when it was unnecessary in processing commandline.
* [Feature] Added -noerr commandline parameter to suppress any error messages on failure to save file; commandline -exit parameter will be processes as if file was saved.
* [BugFix] The -stderr commandline parameter will be obeyed even on failure to write image file to disk.


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