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LATEST MiniCap VERSION INFO THREAD - v1.42.01 - Jun 27, 2022

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Minor Update:

v1.24.01 - Aug 28, 2011

* [MinorFeature] Updated with current Screenshot Captor semi-transparent window Aero capture abilities
* [MinorFeature] Better reporting of failure-to-save-file errors.
v1.23.01 - Oct 21, 2010

* [MinorFeature] The file extension (.exe) is removed from the captured application filename ($fullfilename$)
* [MinorFeature] You can now use $uniquenum0$ instead of $uniquenum$ if you want to force a counter name always even if not needed to avoid conflict with existing file.
v1.21.01 - 6/7/10

* [BugFix] The -exit commandline option was not being obeyed if user used -print but didn't save.

small bug in the Help file


· Capture current screen

there's an extra "e" in capturescreeen  ;D

Thank you a lot dear mouser. The utility is great, For even people like me who seldom take a shot, and it made me feel so good while using it. Thanks again.

Just one point, (I am not sure if it is proper way to request or not or if this a bug or something).
Could you please set the focus on "Filename" window when -promptsave is used. I tried to take a screenshot and name it but it requires (manual) shifting of focus to the window before I could write into it (or even press "enter key" to confirm the suggested name).

one exception to this is when I take screen shot of a window which is "maximized" and is above all.

Thanks again for a great software.

Ashish Sharma

Minor update to add -dpi option.

Thanks for the great program. I take it and very happy.
Call it from your script directly to a printer (command:-capturescreeen -print -exit).
But I can not save print settings. By default, field = 1 and ednitsy measurement = inches. With each new call to put out these values. I've got to 0, and centimeters. ​Where are these options? In the registry and miniсap.ini I have not found.

Sorry for my English. :)


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