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simple software to facilitate reading screen full of text ...

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 Is there a simple piece of software (AHK maybe) which will draw a horizontal bar on the screen, level with the cursor, so help reading long lines of text in large articles?
 The idea would be to slowly move the cursor down the screen as you read, with the horizontal bar also moving accordingly.

I agree, as I always seem to read 1/2 a line of text, then somehow end up 14 lines down the page without realizing until the text makes no sense at all.  Maybe you could change your cursor to a large bar, rather than a pointer?  I'm pretty sure there are icons like that available.

I asked for something like this once before: Wanted: line highlighter

The first recommendation is for FX Software (Assistive Software).  They have a number of visual helper programs.

thanks. I searched the forum, for all the wrong terms obviously. Was tempted to search for "thinggie to help me read"
The Assistive software works, maybe slight overkill for my needs.
Re big cursor, that would be clever but my initial reaction was that cursor size must have limits.
Think I'll put my (pathetic) AHK skills to the test and try to come up with something myself.

Interesting idea. I've always just selected bits of text as I went, to mark my place. But this can often have unintended consequences. So a more purpose-built tool would be great, though would have to be system-wide.

- Oshyan


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