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simple software to facilitate reading screen full of text ...

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The Assistive software works, maybe slight overkill for my needs.
-tsaint (February 17, 2010, 04:37 PM)
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Don't overlook PhilB66's post at the end of that thread - PlaceHolder plus WheelHere used together.

thanks rjbull, I did. Rectified now, placeholder looks excellent.

tsaint, FWIW, Bits du Jour have a $9.75 offer on Line Reader, due on Friday 12th March.  I haven't tried it, but it looks like the sort of thing you asked for.

Line Reader home page
With Line Reader, your mouse cursor transforms into a handy reading aid, taking the form of a horizontal line that you use to track your spot in any online document or web page. You can customize the length, width, and color of your line, as well as invoke a secondary helper line that serves to further emphasize the location of your cursor. One click, and your line flips to the vertical, which is convenient for highlighting entire paragraphs, steps in a recipe, or assembly instructions.

Line Reader As amazingly useful as Line Reader is, we’ve made it even better by including some handy bonus features! First, there’s the Magnifier Window, which offers an enlarged view of anything that you hover your line cursor over and a screen grabber. Then there’s the Measurement Window that gives you the ability to measure anything that you can see on your computer screen. Finally, we have the Tag Along Form Window, a resizable, customizable box that attaches to your line cursor and serves as a appointment reminder, image holder, or text box!
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Desktop Ruler has a setting "Stick to Mouse" that would work.

Check out The  Virtual Reading Ruler demo page @


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