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Why the aversion to .NET Frameworks?

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I was surprised they did it for Windows Mobile 7 (oh wait its Windows Phone 7 series, what a stupid name), so there's hope yet. There's no reason why all of Win32 can't run virtualized for legacy apps, just like they did for the 16-bit subsystem, XP compat etc.

This would be more of a political rather than technical decision by the time Windows 8/9 comes out anyway.

This would be more of a political rather than technical decision by the time Windows 8/9 comes out anyway.-MrCrispy (February 22, 2010, 02:43 PM)
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There's also the performance side - especially for games. It's not super-duper-easy to virtualize DX/GL, especially not if you want to do it safely.

I didn't mean to imply earlier I was against .Net.  Indeed, I generally like it and it's performance.  I was just asking in what ways is it different.

But a hypervisor core, native code for the critical parts of the kernel, perhaps managed code for part of the kernel, a managed userland, and a virtualized Win32 compatibility layer (preferably running within 5% of native speed) - that'd be an interesting OS.
-f0dder (February 22, 2010, 02:42 PM)
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Here, here!  Where do we buy that OS?  :D

But did they do it for Mobile 7? It's all rumors so far. And one of the more believable ones floating around is that there will be two editions with the 'professional' edition supporting old applications.

I think it was confirmed there will be a Windows Phone Classic edition for all the old apps and carriers who do not want to conform to the new hardware standards. What is not confirmed, but is likely, is if the new OS actually has a new kernel and has removed support for all legacy API's. Even if they are still present, the phone will not install an old app without a 'jailbreak'. We shall find out soon enough at MIX10.


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