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Why the aversion to .NET Frameworks?

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I have been wondering this for some time and I figured DC the appropriate place to ask.

This topic brought this out into the open and now I have to ask. Why are so many people hating on the .NET framework? Is there something about it I am missing that makes it pure evil?

For example, reading the reviews of at betanews, one can see many comments about the fact that this program uses .NET. Some people even go out of their way to come in, rate the program poorly, and the only comment is "It uses .NET, no thanks". Really? Is it that horribly terribly bad that you would rather sacrifice your first born than use a .net app?


In my case:

* Some kind of snobbery   :huh:
* It leaves you even more deeply mired in Microsoft
* Lately I've been more interested in portable applications, and you can't guarantee .NET is installed (yet)

As Windows goes forward, most of the people that use it (especially new versions) are pretty much tilting at windmills, aren't they?  So it comes down to people with outdated OSs or non-windows users that won't have a the framework at all.  That makes me question the whole aversion thing.  After all there are all sorts of frameworks out there in use on all platforms... and those are just as required, aren't they?  Is the issue non-portability, or something else?

I think it is a little provocative to jump from hating a framework and runtime environment to sacrificing a human being, but I'll accept it as a metaphor.

However, .NET is a huge framework that takes time to download, and it takes a lot of time and a reboot to install. It changes things in the windows operating system; changes are not always good.

Then, it is not platform-independent: mono is just not .net for linux yet. So when I say "dot net? no thanks.", it often means "well it does not work on my system". And then there are license and copyright and EULA issues I do not fully comprehend. What little I believe to understand keeps me from considering it, because I do not know beforehand which route a software project might take and want to keep certain freedoms regarding licensing of said projects.

I really like the idea though, but I cannot use it without paying a lot of money for an operating system I deem inferior.

I can get behind the whole OS thing... if I'm programming in C# it's for Windows users, just as if I program in Objective-C it's for MacOS users.  But *most* people using Windows have a version of .NET on their machine already.  And from one version, to do an upgrade is not a huge download, so I just don't get it.


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