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Which is better windows mobile or android os or iphone os?

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FWIW Microsoft is apparently planning on going down the same road as Apple by only allowing you to install apps through their online store, citing "network security concerns" as the reason why.

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that really sucks. Stallman's 'right to read' is becoming a reality.

I have a nexus one, I'm I'm happy with it. But I got it from google, I would not have paid ~600 eur that it will cost here. In fact, I have no need for it, and I may sell it...

My experience with Windows Mobile over the years has been sub standard. The fact that Windows (Mobile) is sub standard may not come as a big surprise anyone. I have grown to dislike Windows Mobile with a passion. Windows Mobile based on Windows 7 code may be better. I can't comment on Droid, although it appears to be more functional and they have 20,000+ or so apps. I've never been a big Apple fan either but I have to say my iPhone experience has been outstanding. Both the OS and hardware too although I've managed to miss all the latest models, so I'd wait until June/July for the release of the iPhone 4 because the hardware and OS should be even better. On the positive side the application variety, usefulness and quality in general are phenomenal. Accessories for the iPhone are everywhere, for every thing you might want to do with your phone from the bedroom to lounge to your car or office and most at a reasonable in cost.

On the down side I dislike Apple's controlling and litigious approach to everything, including trademarks and application censorship. iTunes usability and performance sucks (it's a dog under Windows). Syncing is slow (maybe USB 3.0 will be faster. There are alternatives to managing your music and content that iTunes so you can always check those out too. Whilst there are so many cool 100,000+ apps that you can download and as many as your iPhone will store you can't test, use or access them because iTunes only allows you to access eleven or so pages of apps (approx 96 max) from the UI. Now if you really want to go rogue you could always jailbreak your iPhone to overcome so of the Apple dictated limitations but doing this raises other potential challenges.

The iPhone OS lacks multitasking (hard to believe in a FreeBSD derivative) but I believe this will be addressed in the next major OS release. From what I have seen from other professional reviews the screen display quality of the iPhone is currently unsurpassed by any other competing platform and it leads most reviewers choice overall. Currently with AT&T as the only carrier is another consideration. For me they're fine (not perfect) but choice and cost are definitely considerations versus other carriers and phone platforms too.

The gap is narrowing on the hardware and OS and Apple will need to offer more features and functionality going forward. Still the apps are they key to the market but currently the way iTunes and the iPhone OS are designed to work users can't take full advantage of them (I'm an app junkie). So a tough call, I have to say I love the iPhone despite its current draw backs, the apps are awesome (free or paid for) and the phone is truly a joy to work with personally and for business. Go test the platforms you are choosing from as much as you can before you drop the $$.

Well if you jailbreak you can multitask and use another app store the cydia store - more apps for the iphone. Right now the iphone seems to be the best choice, really.
And from what've seen jailbreaking is banal. And another plus - I installed itunes without quicktime and other junk. Plus there are some alternatives to itunes, I'd like to tesxt out,  like the "videosoft ipod manager"

And I'm sure there's an itunes alternative somewhere, I'll search for it more when I'll get  the iphone.

Oh and the iphone has the stanza which I can test out with

I guess I am too late since Musubi seems to be set on the iphone. But for the other people who may still be looking at phones to buy, I give you my input.

In my opinion, a "good" phone is one that you can customize to make your own (not talking about the billion and one accessories the iphone has). You should be able to change the background on it, customize the ringtone, and the txt tone.

If you have to jailbreak the iphone just to make it a "good" phone, then I have to ask, why do you want the iphone? Because it is fast and stable? Sure, that is a good reason to buy the iphone. But let me say this: the reason the iphone is so fast and stable, is because it is the only one of it's kind. Apple is the only one who makes the os that it uses, and they are the only one who makes the phone itself. Google and MS just make the os that their phones use. That is why android and winmo phones are not as stable.

Now going to the original topic of what phone to buy, I wouldn't go with the hd2, since MS is about to royally screw over the windows phone experience with their new OS (that in my opinion is NOT windows mobile). I also wouldn't go with the iphone, since it isn't (based on my definition) a "good" phone(out of the box). I would however go with either an android phone (it is a "good" phone right out of the box) or maybe the palm pre/pixi. Though, the only reason I would go with the pre/pixi is if you planned on doing a ton of multi tasking. That is what the pre/pixi's os is best at. If major multi tasking isn't what you are looking for, the android is better.

Now before you go off and say that I am biased towards the android phone, I would just like to point this out: I currently use the LG Incite which runs windows mobile 6.1 (6.5 upgradable via COOKED roms only). I will however say that yes, I am indeed biased against the iphone because I don't want a phone that I can't customize unless I have to do something major to it first. Also from what my brother said, (he used to have an iphone, until he ditched it because he hated it also) everytime you update the iphone, you have to reload everything you put on it.( I am not 100% sure on that, so don't quote me or my brother on that part)

So in the end, I wouldn't go with a windows phone right now, because MS is fixing to release a completely new os  which will make all current winmo phones outdated and useless.(though in my opinion MS' new os is not windows mobile at all)
If you DON'T want to do much customizing, and have someone else do all your major choices for you, you can go with the iphone.
If you wan't a slightly less stable and speedy phone, but with a large app database and ten times more customizing capabilities, then go with an android phone.
Or last, but not least if you want a phone that you can still customize, still has a fairly decent amount of apps on it, and you can multi task the crap out of it, go with the Palm pre/pixi.

I hope what I have said has helped someone out in their phone buying choice.
Though I would like to state that before someone decides to complain at me for anything that I have said, know that you don't have to listen to anything I have just said. I am not the one that is going to be using the phone.

I listened, and for anyone else who may be listening here's what I reply in defense of the iphone:

The fact that the iphone is the only one of it's kind is an asset. It's like a console. Think about it, why  can a console, which theoretically has lower parameters than a computer, run games smoother, and sometimes with better graphics? Because it's os is optimized for the machine, so it uses  100% of it. I remember when I used firefox,  it took almost 1gb of ram!. Now I use pale moon (an optimized for windows mod) and it takes about half of that, or even less (200mb ram).

Jailbreaking is easy, and since the iphone is popular there always will be hacks for it. If you have the right os, jailbreaking takes about 5 minutes, and that's it. You don't have to do it anymore. (Well the iphone 3gs currently has a jailbreaking defense which resets the jailbreak after a reboot or something like that, but I've read they're working on that. )
(But all the previous iphones can receive a permanent jailbreak if their os is pre 3.12 )

Because the iphone is more popular, there will always be more more apps for it, because it's pop.

It's like the ps2 of the phone world, the xbox might have better graphics, but it wasn't so popular back then. It had a brand just like the iphone has now. (Well, the other thing is that now the ps3 is at the end of the food chain, but that's because they've changed their philosophy and microsoft actually did a few smart things).

Plus, the iphone, due  to the ipod touch being marketed as a gaming console has great gaming potential, and there most probably will be many emulators/games for it.
I want a ds emulator on the iphone...


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