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Which is better windows mobile or android os or iphone os?

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I'm not sure what the speed, stability, and multi-tasking comments re: Android are based on. From my (admittedly limited and partly anecdotal) experience, the only thing "faster" about the iPhone is some of the UI interaction, and that's by a slight margin and comes down IMO more to the polish of the OS itself, rather than actual *performance*. After all, several newer Android phones have higher specs than the iPhone, so I'd wager in raw computation they'd win. Multitasking they seem fine at. How exactly does the Palm Pre/Pixi beat Android there?

For my part I will probably never get an iPhone, regardless of the possibilities for jailbreaking. It may be easy but I don't want to have to be dealing with the kinks of "alternatives" that are neither supported nor desired by the manufacturer of my phone. Sure, there are other apps that work besides iTunes for music management, but Apple can decide one day that they won't work anymore and at *best* I have to wait for the developer of my app of choice to update it, and at worst it will never work again and I have to switch to iTunes, which I abhor. Same with jailbreaking. It may be easy and "permanent" in some cases, but overall it's a tenuous position that could easily end sooner than later.

I have 2 friends who recently bought iPhones and they're definitely happy with them, I will say that. They're great phones for a certain audience. One of them has downloaded a grand total of 1 app - an electronic level (that he bought for use in mounting *my* TV) - and other than that he is a very basic user and just thinks it's a nice phone. Even he has some complaints though, for example the auto-lock behavior and quirkyness of the slide-to-unlock function. My other friend is a bigger app junkie, mostly games, and she's thrilled with the thing, but I think a big part of that is driven by how much she hated her other phone and how much she can now do with apps at all. And that's something I think you see a lot - people who only ever had basic phones before and now buy the iPhone and equate that with being able to do more than basic stuff. Of course *any* smartphone allows you to do a lot more than you could with a basic phone, and one of these people upgrading to Android would probably be just as impressed.

Anyway, I'm still on a Motorola Q9C, WinMo 6.1, and biding my time until my contract is up and a really outstanding Android phone comes out on Verizon. Droid almost made me spring for it, hehe. But I knew it was really the first generation of the truly iPhone-comparable Android phones, and I want to see the market develop a bit more from that initial breakthrough. Some really interesting phones where shown recently at CTIA...

- Oshyan

If I gonna buy an android phone only the htc desire/ google nexus one (basically the same thing)(htc desire is basically a google nexus one european version). I mean it can record 720p...

Multitasking they seem fine at. How exactly does the Palm Pre/Pixi beat Android there?
-JavaJones (March 29, 2010, 01:47 PM)
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the pre and pixi has a card system where each app you open up gets it's own card, and then you just slide your finger up and it reveals all the current apps you have open, and you can scroll through them and close any that you are done with. You can also switch between the apps very easily. there are tons of youtube videos about the pre/pixi that demonstrate it.

Yeah, the WebOS card system is pretty slick. That doesn't really make it better at *multitasking* though, it makes it better at task switching... theoretically. But Android has a built-in task switcher, as well as several apps that extend it to similar levels, e.g. basic: and a clone of the card approach in dev here:

I'd actually be interested in seeing *benchmarks* of which handles multitasking better...

- Oshyan

- Listening to mp3s - audiobooks to be precise
- Taking pictures and movies
- Writing a lot of writing using
- Managing my daily tasks using
- Writing emails
- reading books (pdf)
- reviewing notes with anki

- Read pdfs
-Musubi (February 16, 2010, 03:36 AM)
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I know you mentioned that you preferred iphone os, win mobile, or android... however did you consider the blackberry os? I was in the same situation as you and got the Blackberry Bold 9700 because I wanted to wait for the next gen iphone coming around summer time.  I'm actually very impressed with this... As per your requirements:
- Listening to mp3s - audiobooks to be precise: no problem at all, easy to sync media and playlists
- Taking pictures and movies: decent camera quality altho still behind nexus one of course
- Writing a lot of writing using : there is an evernote app plus plenty of alternative apps for note taking... i find teh tactile keyboard allows me to type much more freely, naturally, and accurately than the touch screen (especially without those iphone's suggestions)
- Managing my daily tasks using : one of my main reasons why i went with the BB was the great free opensource app available ... bbrtm.. better than Milksync
- Writing emails: It's a Blackberry! Best email management and push email experience... great if you have multiple accounts... it requires a few extra taps on the iphone.. also, I like the centralized message inbox that gathers all messages even from certain messaging apps...
- reading books (pdf): ok.. if you don't mind teh smaller screen
- reviewing notes with anki : still looking for a free flashcard learning app... but i guess you can always use teh mobile web version
- playing multiplayer games with ur girlfriend: err.... no comment

Multi-tasking is pretty good... I didn't have any issues with lag yet.... i just don't like that you have to click the menu then close.. wish there was a shortcut key (unless if I'm mistaken).
Battery life isn't great but better than the iPhone... it is at least replaceable as is the flash memory... unlike the iphone.

Bonus: for all FARR users they have an app that does a watered down version of searching mobile sites called Beyond411... so you have quick text lookups for your (predefined) needs.

Note: I had to exchange it in for a new keyboard because it squeaked... just test it thoroughly before buying.

Although surfing isn't bad on the native browser or Opera mini it still isnt' the iPhone or Android webkit browsers... it just isn't as fun and intuitive navigation but still good enough for my purposes.

Honestly, if you can I'd wait until the next gen phones come out this summer so that it may reduce the risk of buyer's remorse :P

Good luck!


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