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Which is better windows mobile or android os or iphone os?

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Well I'm buying a phone in the near future and I limited my choice to either the HTC Hd2 (with windows mobile 6.5) or the HTC hero. (Android os) or the iphone 3gs 16gb

Here's what I'll use the phone for (other than the standard "taking calls and writing sms-es" thing.

- Listening to mp3s - audiobooks to be precise
- Taking pictures and movies
- Writing a lot of writing using
- Managing my daily tasks using
- Writing emails
- reading books (pdf)
- reviewing notes with anki

- Read pdfs (is there a pdf reader ( I dont mean atachement reader) on the iphone?
(I mean can I upload my own  pdf files and read them on my iphone whenever I like?)
True I also like to experiment with apps (like a twitter client for example) but i've heard there's a lot of third party propriety software that the windows mobile app store hasn't even heard of.

I never used had my own Android to use, but I have seen it and played with it a little at kiosks.  I had Windows Mobile 6.0 and upgraded to 6.5, however.  From what I have seen, it is a no brainer to go with Android.  I don't know how those specific applications work out on Android or on Windows Mobile, but I do know that WM 6.5 tended to crash a LOT on me.  On my specific device, it was also so limited after the crap that Verizon loaded up that I couldn't hardly add any applications at any rate.  That is a Verizon and Samsung (phone manufacturer) issue though.  I tried half-heartedly to remove everything extraneous, but it was so embedded that I didn't want to make the time to make it work properly, especially when there were so many other issues to begin with and Verizon wouldn't help unless they reverted back to their crap.  Android, from what I have seen, is designed much closer to the iPhone and is much more accommodating to user customizations - even with any carrier enforced crapware that is installed.  So based on this, I would definitely look at the Android platform.  Maybe WM 7 would be competitive, but from my experiences 6.5 is not!

I'd take the complete opposite stance. Windows mobile is the most customizable OS out there for phones. I have a HD2, unfortunately it's been plagued with screen issues, that seems to be a hardware fault with mine which also affects a LARGE percentage of the HD2s sadly. Other than that it's a truely fantastic phone but it seems a lottery whether you'll get a faulty one or not.

But regards Windows Mobile, it's flawless. HTC don't install any crap and I've had maybe 5 crashes at most in over a year (I had a Touch HD prior to this HD2), and I'd sooner blamed HTC's 'Sense' interface for those few, which comes on their Android phones too.

If you do though settle on Android I'd sooner look at the Nexus One before the Hero, it's got a better hardware spec, on par with the HD2.

Musubi, perhaps it's best to wait a few months in this area. But whatever your choice, consider the exit strategy that provides the most choice for you.
- Are you allowed to choose phone carriers?
- Is the software proprietary (like Windows and Apple) or is it an open development model, such as Android?
- Can you run many of the same or similar apps on your phone that you run on your PC?
- Consider the provider, which phones they offer, and the type of service you want and can afford. (For example, will you spend more time texting than anything else, or perhaps sharing files with your company?)
- How long are you locked into a contract? How soon can you upgrade your phone without renewing your contract?

Guess it all depends on your needs, just like buying a PC.

Stoic Joker:
While I don't have an opinion either way (I only use the phone to make phone calls...), I am curious as to what is the draw with these things. Especially considering this which caught my attention.I've had maybe 5 crashes at most in over a year-Eóin (February 16, 2010, 11:59 AM)
--- End quote ---

It's good that a phone only crashed 5 times in a year? I've never had a phone crash before in my life. Call disconnects sure... but phones that crash? What will technology enhance next? Perhaps my clock radio, toaster, & refrigerator could also be improved (made crash-able) in this fashion.

Yes, I'm being overly simplistic intentionally. But I seriously do struggle with this every time I find myself toying with getting one of these contraptions. Do I really need (/want) to be that accessible, via a device that's going to annoy me that much?


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