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Mass checksum checker

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I agree with everything you just said. Thanks for the input. When I said Git was small, I was certainly wrong with regard to the tool itself. I guess I was thinking in terms of Git's impact on the tree you are putting under revision control. Where CVS and SVN obtrusively place folders in every directory in a tree, Git only needs one. And the size of the repository is small - yes, Git does file compression into what it calls "pack" files.

And I have to admit that you are all absolutely correct when you say Git is not really appropriate for the specific task of file verification. Especially for binary files. I guess my recent infatuation with this tool has got me wanting to evangelize its praises, and it seemed to me if someone was asking about verifying a bunch of files, they may also be wanting to track changes as well - in which case Git may be something worth looking into.

FYI - the msysgit installation is sort of like cygwin. It includes a mini-unix environment which includes the following command line tools (which explains its size):

--- ---basename, bash, bzip2, cat, chmod, cmp, cp, curl, cut, date, diff, du,
env, expr, false, find, gawk, git, git-*, gpg, gpgkeys_curl, gpgkeys_finger,
gpgkeys_hkp, gpgkeys_ldap, gpgsplit, gpgv, grep, gzip, head, id, kill,
less, ln, ls, md5sum, mkdir, msmtp, mv, openssl, patch, perl, ps, rm, rmdir,
rxvt, scp, sed, sh, sleep, sort, split, ssh, ssh-add, ssh-agent, ssh-keygen,
ssh-keyscan, tail, tar, tclsh, tclsh85, tee, touch, tr, true, uname, uniq,
vim, wc, wish, wish85, xargs, CA, tclConfig and tkConfig.
Sorry for the distraction. Back to your regular scheduled programming...

I tested with ExactFinder. Unfortunately, doesn't seems stable enough. For some files, it can't calculate the hash, and when verifying, some files causes errors too.

I'd go for CDCheck, it's perfect for mass CRC/MD5 (creation and verify).  See :

-imtrobin (February 15, 2010, 10:16 PM)
--- End quote ---

I assume you mean ExactFile. That's too bad. I'd be interested to see what the developer says if you sent them your findings. Do you have the time to email them a detailed bug report?

Sure, I would. What he neededs. But I don't see any commonality to those failed files.


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