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Mass checksum checker

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I'm looking for a tool to mass verify checksums, like Advanced Checksum Verifirer, but this tool don't support unicode files, and the author does not respond to emails anymore. Can you recommend any good ones?

i use quicksfv for verifying checksums, i believe it does unicode properly, the only drawback is it only does crc32/md5, does not do sha1 (yet?)

nevermind, does not handle japanese (unicode) files properly

you might try HashCheck, i have heard good things about it, but i haven't tried it personally. it appears that it might do what you are looking for because it has several non-ascii language translations (and not supporting filenames in someone's native lanugage while having a language file would be silly) it also does more than just crc32/md5

Thanks, but I'm looking for a mass file verifier to verify TBs of data, not individual. One of nice things of ASCV is it recurses through every folder and builds the checksum file, which I can use to verify later if any file got corrupted.


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