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Return of the Son of the best *free* Windows Text Editor

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Yes, I know there are a lot of threads here covering text editors but I couldn't find a recent one that specifically covers those that are both free and for Windows. Also, some of the text editor reviews are getting a bit stale. (e.g. The DC best choice award for UltraEdit may have been accurate in its day but I would probably disagree with that choice now) Thus, (with unmitigated audacity), I am daring to open up a new thread on an old (and sensitive) topic.

When setting up a new computer for a client, I need a good text editor that can be installed and left on the box. The editor must be free for commercial use. Personally, I use (the non-free) EditPad Pro for 90% of my editing and UltraEdit32 for the remainder (Ultra-Edit has superior "column-mode" block editing). The free version of EditPad is pretty good but is missing some essentials: Regex search/replace and spell check. Other requirements are small footprint, fast startup and non-obtrusive invasion of the system registry and file system. Syntax highlighting would be nice but is not essential. Also, it must adhere to the standard Windows keystroke shortcuts (i.e. CTRL+TAB=previous file, CTRL+LEFT=word left, CTRL+RIGHT=word right, CTRL+UP=scroll up, F1=help, CTRL+PGUP=... etc.)

After reading various threads and reviews here (i.e. The Best Of: text editors and Windows editors - do they have to be so bad?), and doing a bit of research on my own, the choices seem to boil down to: PSPad and Notepad++. But neither has the powerful regex support I have grown used to with EPP.

So PSPad or Notepad++? Either one will probably suffice for my needs but I figured some of you guys/gals would know more on this subject and might justifiably lean more one way or the other. Or is there another better free editor that I am unaware of?

i go totally with Notepad++.  I liked both, but I settle on Notepad++ for ease of use and just general coolness.  But I'm not a programmer, either.  Just a user.

Notepad++ is certainly a useful tool for developers of any web content (HTML, PHP etc...) due, but not limited to, its handy line numbering.  Great for when you get "Error on line 341894984984974987978" because in basic just end up giving up counting lol

I'm a PSPad user myself.  Some of the caret handling in Notepad++ drives me batty.

Notepad++ - it's definitely not perfect, but it handles most of my needs well. The codebase is a complete and utter mess, though... but work is done on straightening it up with the NP++ Community Release. Syntax highlighting is essential to me, as I use it as a programmer's file editor - this also mean that NP++'s main defect, not handling large files very well, isn't an issue for me :)


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