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IDEA: network detection

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Thanks, but I assume he has gone elsewhere as there were no other followup requests. But I have posted in a few topics, I can't find many current requests that haven't already been answered several times, and which I have some chance of helping with. So just posted in a few of the toopics that didn't have answered/completed/or some such in the topic and selected notify so if they do answer I will get a heads up.
So I'm off to the search page to see if I can get a list of topics that aren't quite as old and which don't appear to be answered already. Eventually I'll find something I can help with.  :)

:) That's the spirit :P
I think your problem may be related with skwire doing all the recent coding snacks requests, eheh. But I'm sure you'll find something around here, ideas are always flowing around DC!


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