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IDEA: network detection

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I'm looking for something that detects when network connection is achieved with a certain network.
That can be handy to do certain things, like sync, make/unmake networkmappings, etcetera.

For now I've been doing something like below in a settimer:

--- --- RunWait , %comspec% /c ipconfig > %A_Temp%\ipconfig.txt, , Hide UseErrorLevel
FileRead , ipcnfg , %A_Temp%\ipconfig.txt
FileDelete %A_Temp%\ipconfig.txt
if ipcnfg contains %DNS_suffix%
network = 1
network = 0

Any thoughts?

Does what you have above not work? Or did you want it to do something else?

... Not sure if you noticed, but this post is close to two years old :)

I saw it was old, but wasn't sure if was still an outstanding request, or dead. I have a tool we use at work that does something similiar (automatically connects specific shares based on what the best available server is), and thought I may adapt it if there was still any need. And still getting my head around 2012, thought it was only a year old, will be signing 2011 date for while yet.  :-[
BTW, is there any way to seperate the active but unanswered requests from the answered and no longer required?

Well, I'm not sure how to classify something as "not active" :)
If Maestr0 still has a need for this, then I guess this would be active. My intention was only to warn you so that you don't get your hopes high of receiving a reply ;)


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