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Buzzzzzzzzinggggg - Google Buzz - Gmail with facebook features

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Google Buzz - Gmail with facebook features:    Check the video there.
And this article:
It seems to have nothing to do with the previously presented Google Wave service.

And I just read previously today that facebook is going to start a freemail service. ( Looks like they might be a little bit late to the battle.
Buzz does not seem to work for me yet.  The website says the roll out is ongoing.

yeah, I'm still waiting for it to be rolled out to my account... Though I would like to know if it will be rolled out to google apps accounts also, because I don't use my gmail account anymore since I have my apps email.

Nice try google, but if what I 'buzz' can't be posted to Facebook/Twitter/FF I'm staying away from it. As in _very_ far away.


Tried it, hated it, left it, now hiding from it  :down:

It says a lot about how innovative it is that google didn't even need a beta phase for it  :P


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