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Make web search in current opened browser - Farr_Browser_Launcher by lanux128

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@thancock20 and joby_toss:
can either of you post a screenshot of the error message (if there is one)? also can you edit the INI file and put the browser path in quotes like this: "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" and let me know what happens?

in the meantime, i'll post a newer version with thancock20's fix into both versions but i'm just curious as to why it doesn't work. :)

It's not really an error message.  If I try to open a file called C:\Testing FBL\Read Me.html, my browser pops up these three tabs:

1. file:///C:/Testing
2. fbl%2FRead
3. me.html

As you can see, it splits right where the spaces are.  That's what made me think about adding the quotes in.

Also, I put the quotes around the browser path in the INI file, but there was no change to the way either version works.

And just in case it makes any difference, I'm running Windows XP SP3.

Let me describe my problem:

1. FBL works correctly with FARR (no problems here)
2. when using Executor, I have a keyword "i" for IMDB search, and a keyword "ic" for doing an IMDB search for the current clipboard contents. If the clipboard contains "Pulp" for example, there are no problems. If however it contains "Pulp fiction", there will be 2 searches made in the current opened browser (no matter which one, no matter if it's enclosed in quotes in the .ini file): one IMDB search for "Pulp" and one Google search for "fiction" (separate tabs; I think the Google search is done because it is the default search engine...).
3. when making FBL the default handler for .html files for example, "D:\Downloaduri\help.html" is opened correctly, but "D:\Downloaduri\he lp.html" opens two erroneous tabs: "file://localhost/D:/Downloaduri/he" and "http://lp.html/".
4. no error windows, just erroneous behavior.
5. same thing when using PowerPro (to open a file or doing an web search through FBL).
6. thancock20's fix seems to work.
7. I'll make a video demo (when I come from work, around 13.00 GMT) if it helps.
8. have no idea what's happening :)

The curious thing is that I never noticed this before (I use FARR more and FBL is not the default browser).

@thancock20 and joby_toss:
thanks for the details both of you. i'll work on the fix.

Edit: i've uploaded a new version here. please give this a try and let me know. btw, i haven't tested with FBL4 as the default browser so your feedback is important. :)

It works OK for me.
Thank you!


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