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Make web search in current opened browser - Farr_Browser_Launcher by lanux128

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Thank you so much for this lanux128.  I just made it my default browser (using a little freeware tool called "DefaultBrowser"), and so far it's working just fine.  :Thmbsup:

you're welcome, thancock20. you can also edit the INI file to change the browsers or their preference order. :)

Oh, I guess I should have mentioned I had already edited the INI file.  If Firefox is open it's used, but if not then Chrome is.  I just decided today to try making it the default browser, and see if it would work across all of Windows instead of just programs that allow a custom browser.  So far, I haven't had any problems with it.  :)

thanks for the report, that's good to know. your reports confirms that Farr_Browser_Launcher (FBL) will act as a middleman for opening links without any problems. :Thmbsup:

UPDATE: I recently discovered that when I clicked on some html files (ones with spaces in them) I would get some really strange results.

However, I looked in the source and changed this line

--- ---  geturi := %0%

--- ---  geturi := """" . %0% . """"
and, after compiling, it now works like a charm.

Of course, this issue would never come up if the program was only used as originally intended.  But I thought I would share in case anyone else wanted to go the route of making FBL their default browser.

Also, this is the original 2 browser version, but I imagine the 4 browser version has a line like the one above as well.


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