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Make web search in current opened browser - Farr_Browser_Launcher by lanux128

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I use Opera as my main browser, but I also need Firefox and Chrome. They all have their strong and week points.

I make, for example, a Google search using "g query" syntax.

Here comes my question: how can I make my web search in the current opened browser and not in the default one?
And if I have all 3 (or only 2) browsers opened, could I specify a preferred order of them?

Maybe this could be doable already, but I have no idea how.
It is annoying to work in Firefox and hitting "g whatever" makes me wait until Opera launches etc...


Edit: the answer was offered by lanux128 in the form of Farr_Browser_Launcher.

i *think* this is what you want:

Oh, no. I know about that option.

Let's say my default browser is Opera and I specified Firefox in that option field you mentioned.
But I work in this moment in Chrome. This is the only opened/started browser. How can I send searches to this opened/started browser (not Opera, not Firefox). Because this is already started and the search will take place quickly. As it is now (in this example), I'll have to wait for Firefox to open (and it takes a very long time since I need a lot of plugins).

Could this be possible? Use the already opened/started browser (no matter what that is, even IE) for searches instead of system's default browser or the one specified in Custom Browser field?

I guess it's not that easy to explain with my current English knowledge. :(

ok i understand what you want.

i think the most elegant solution would be by elaborating on an idea we've discussed several times on DC and i am tempted to code -- which would be a standalone web browser middleman.

The browser middleman would be configured in the above screen, with rules specifying which real browser it should send urls to.  in your case you would want it to send the url to whatever browser is already running.  [The main use for this browser middleman idea was to open certain patterned urls in some browsers and others in others, and others blocked, etc. ]

Not being a FARR expert this may already exist, or there may already have been lengthy discussions about why it's not possible, a bad idea, or whatever... buuut, having said that, what about:

A keyword system to use a specific app to open the result of a search. Could be a suffix, e.g. "g query fx" would use Google to search on the "query" text and the application associated with "fx" (Firefox) to open the result when clicked on/invoked. You could then do "g query ie" and get it to open in ie, or "g query np" for notepad. You'd setup custom keyword associations with apps the same way you apparently can for search types and plugins. Obviously the suffix approach has problems, so maybe it could be an additional prefix, or some other modifier, and then there's the concern that not every result may be able to be opened by said app, but then if you know you're looking for e.g. an HTML file or web URL in your search, then it's reasonable to specify a browser to open it, even if other results come up that could not be opened by a browser - you leave it to the user to decide and deal with the consequences.

It seems like this could be fairly cool and powerful functionality...

- Oshyan


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