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Make web search in current opened browser - Farr_Browser_Launcher by lanux128

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I don't know how many PowerPro fans/users are here, but I will try to mention one way you can use PP (with clip.dll plugin) and FBL together.

Take a look at the image below (you get to that by Ctrl+RightClick on a PP bar -> Configure -> Command list -> Add new before/after (while selecting the desired PP bar).

1- choose a name for your button
2- write the tooltip to be displayed on mouse hover over the utton
3- choose the path for a custom icon for your button
4- enter the path of your FBL executable
5- enter the Command parameters. Examples:

--- --- &(clip.get)for Google search for current clipboard content

--- --- &(clip.get)/0/7/0for TPB search for current clipboard content

--- --- &(clip.get)for IMDB search for current clipboard content

--- --- &(clip.get)for Youtube search for current clipboard content

--- --- TFD search for current clipboard content

If you don't add " &(clip.get)" expression, you'll get to the search page of that particular website (and you can do a regular web search).

Also, you can do the same with a hotkey instead of a button bar:

Forgot to say that if the "Command parameters" field contains only the expression "&(clip.get)" and the clipboard contains an url, then that url will be opened in the current browser.


Just curious, but wouldn't it be easier if the default method be for FARR to just launch the website in the browser that's opened at that point in time? If no browser's opened then let FARR open it in the default browser. That seems like the simplest solution. If we want to launch the website in a particular browser, then we can use the alias thingy mentioned by mouser. Is this by any chance possible?

This thought just occurred to me just after posting... if we like have 5 browsers open at the same time           (for example) FARR could just launch the desired website into the browser that's in use at that point in time. Like the top-most window/the window where the cursor is in.   


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