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v 1.5 problems - freezes and crashes

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sgtevmckay: can do a completely clean install.
If you are using Vista or 7 ensure to chase down and delete the AppData files  ;)

Let us know if you try this method and the results  :tellme:

Well I did a completely clean install but now CD just freezes (egg timer), the PC isn't frozen, and I have to kill CD.
I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't a DOT Net problem.

CD v.1.52
win xp sp2
dot net ? 3 maybe (I can't remember how to check)

PS Just checked : dot net 3.5 sp1

Do you have other .NET applications running on your PC?

I have a feeling you may need to install XP Service Pack 3.


I did not snap to the Sp2...I must agree with the Install/update of XP SP3....This may eliminate the issue, or at least help narrow down the choices of issue(s)

Thanks Mark and sgtevmckay. Yes, it could well be sp3 (316 mb !) I'll try to find a friend who has it on CD (cdrom) and see if that's the problem.


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