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Little minor issues


Little minor issues:
1.   Function of toggle visibility mouse button does work well:
1)   First click middle button, CD pops up, quick click middle button again, CD disappears, then pop up again on new cursor position.
2)   My keyboard no response after changing the setting of toggle mouse button several times, exit CD, keyboard is working fine. Or new toggle mouse button setting does not work well.
2.   Dock item name (text) does not disappear automatically after changing item settings. So you can see two item names at same time.
Environment: XP SP3 EN/Office 2007/ Centrino 1.73GHz, 2GB memory
      CD ver:

It's great software, I love it. Thanks Mark.

I can verify the re-draw issue

If you click Item settings and make a change, then move one...Item label will not disappear until you hover over item again .
It also appears that this residual text is not attached to the Icon: as you spin the dock, the text remains anchored in the location it originally appeared

Apparently there may also remain some center button toggling, redraw, and opacity issues.
The Center button is almost completely unstable.
The only consistencies are: It remains, and it works to its assigned function.


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