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Anyone playing Mass Effect 2 game yet?

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This is copied and pieced together from various chunks of conversations from yesterday, in the donationcoder IRC channel. All I did was remove the irrelevant stuff. I found it rather amusing. It's a bit long, but worth reading if you want a chuckle.

mouser on gaming:
WARNING: contains foul language<mouser>   :(
<mouser>   videogames have taught me i am an old man
<mouser>   so i tried mass effect 2 last night
<p3lb0x>   What do you think mouser? Have you played the first one?
<mouser>   i played the first one a bit
<mouser>   as for 2nd one.. i didnt enjoy my first play of it :(
<mouser>   ive turned into an old man
<mouser>   just too much noise and information overload
<mouser>   and things to deal with
<p3lb0x>   Hahahaha
<mouser>   i fucking hate squad games with a passion
<mouser>   i have enough trouble controlling my own life
<p3lb0x>   Oh
<mouser>   the idea of telling the rest of the squad what to do
<p3lb0x>   Just ignore your friends
<mouser>   is insane
<p3lb0x>   That's what I did like, 80 percent of the time
<mouser>   just do your fucking job
<mouser>   and leave me out of it
<p3lb0x>   I only controlled them when the game forced me to or when I had to position them to soak up fire
<mouser>   hey this makes me wonder
<mouser>   are there games where the player is in a squad and never has to think of orders
<mouser>   but just follow them
<mouser>   hell that seems 100x more relaxing to me
<mouser>   and fun
<p3lb0x>   Pretty much ever call of duty game so far, lol
<p3lb0x>   mouser, if that is your sole complaint about ME2 so far
<mouser>   hmm.. i might have to check that out
<p3lb0x>   Just do like me and ignore them unless the game forces you to order them around to continue
<mouser>   the first mission in ME2 was like designed to make me hate this game
<mouser>   a million explosions
<mouser>   everywhere
<scannie>   <mouser> and fun <- what? you find following orders without thinking fun?
<mouser>   ugh.. i just wanted to shut off the pc
<mouser>   i have no 3d sense of space
<mouser>   i get lost easily
<p3lb0x>   I enjoyed the talking sequences of ME2 the most though
<mouser>   and having to switch and use special forces
<mouser>   too much!!!
<p3lb0x>   All the small hints to ME1 when you import a save was great
<mouser>   just let me shoot things!!!!
<scannie>   protip: width height depth... not that complex :-)
<mouser>   yeah i really just want the story
<mouser>   and to kiss girls
<mouser>   in their tight suits
<mouser>   in space.
<p3lb0x>   The Japs create lots of games like that mouser ;P
<scannie>   and you need a gf, quick. :P
<mouser>   women i should say
<p3lb0x>   Also, where's App when you need something quoted?
<app>   <--
<p3lb0x>   Quote mouser, do it
<app>   what do you want quoted?
<mouser>   app dont listen to them
<p3lb0x>   Should be self explanatory
<app>   <mouser> yeah i really just want the story
<app>   <mouser> and to kiss girls
<app>   <mouser> in their tight suits
<app>   <mouser> in space.
<p3lb0x>   Yes
<mouser>   i never said such a thing
<mouser>   pay no attention
<app>   <mouser> just let me shoot things!!!! <--obviously not a puzzle game guy
<p3lb0x>   I thought mouser loved tower defense games
<mouser>   i need to go back to only playing sniper games
<mouser>   where its quiet
<mouser>   and i can just look through scope while hiding in hole
<p3lb0x>   Aren't there only like
<p3lb0x>   2 sniper games
*   scannie hands mouser a pet rock
<mouser>   there are some good ones
<p3lb0x>   Sniper Elite and one more I don't remember
<mouser>   Sniper Elite was great
<p3lb0x>   Oh yeah
<p3lb0x>   JFK reloaded
<mouser>   actually in ejoy the Hitman games too
<p3lb0x>   oh lol
<p3lb0x>   Hitman
<mouser>   s in/i
<p3lb0x>   Hitman is like
<mouser>   there were a couple of fps that were sniper-heavy too
<mouser>   delta force 2 i think
<p3lb0x>   Strangle two guards, someone spots you
<p3lb0x>   Decimate everyone in the level
<app>   i hate shootem up games
<scannie>   i hate games
<p3lb0x>   I think I've only achieved the best score on two levels in Hitman Bloodmoney
<p3lb0x>   Mouser, I just realized
<p3lb0x>   Do you realize that Mass Effect 2 is one of the EASIER games on the market?
<p3lb0x>   It's dumbed down for the consoles
<p3lb0x>   They took out the weapon upgrading
<p3lb0x>   For example
<mouser>   yes
<mouser>   i know thats why i thought i would like it
<mouser>   im going to start over
<mouser>   set it to "casual" mode
<p3lb0x>   Okay
<p3lb0x>   This time
<p3lb0x>   Play the solider
<mouser>   instead of normal
<p3lb0x>   *soldier
<p3lb0x>   They have like
<p3lb0x>   2 active abilities
<mouser>   i tried infiltrator
<p3lb0x>   And 4 passive
<mouser>   since they have sniper
<p3lb0x>   The Soldier also has the sniper
<mouser>   but maybe i should try solider as you say
<p3lb0x>   They have uh
<p3lb0x>   Concussive shot which is like a grenade launcher
<p3lb0x>   And 3 different special ammo types
<p3lb0x>   Oh yeah, they also have bullet time
<mouser>   im going to make a game
<mouser>   called AYHIASR
<mouser>   aka All You Have Is A Sniper Rifle
<app>   lol
<mouser>   special powers are for babies
<p3lb0x>   Mouser, so basically you're going to remake JFK reloaded
<mouser>   yeah
<app>   sounds very simple...nothing to remember
<app>   that's why i can't stand these games...too much shit to remember
<p3lb0x>   Oh yeah, you're not going to like the second sniper you get
<p3lb0x>   app, lol. Point gun at enemies, press fire. Ocassional press 1, 2 or 3 depending on whether your enemy is a robot, organic or you don't know
<p3lb0x>   *occasionally
<app>   but i can never remember what 1 2 & 3 are supposed to do
<p3lb0x>   Okay then
<mouser>   wtf
<mouser>   123
<mouser>   just let me pull the fucking trigger
<mouser>   arghhhhh
<mouser>   stop with all the buttons!!!!
<p3lb0x>   Mouser
<app>   it's like playing pinball on the computer...i can never remember which keys are for the nudge, which is for left and which is for right
<app>   so i never bother with them
<p3lb0x>   You do realize, that you only need to press one of those once per engagement as the effect is on until you chose the next one
<p3lb0x>   Hell
<mouser>   thats so annoying
<app>   i agree
*   Intrepid gives channel operator status to Metshrine
<p3lb0x>   You could just use the general ammo type that does +30% damage to everything and not bother with the specialized ones that do +40% to a specific type
*   Metshrine has kicked mouser from #donationcoder (oops, meant button 3)
*   mouser has joined #donationcoder
*   MouserBot gives channel operator status to mouser
<mouser>   i wish they had made a version of the game that makes you not have to make these choices
<mouser>   and this time im going to play as a woman
<mouser>   i thought i would enjoy playing as a man so i could have a girlfriend in the game
<mouser>   but its annoying watching me
<p3lb0x>   you know
<app>   lol
<mouser>   so ill be a woman, at least i can enjoy watching myself
<p3lb0x>   You can still have a girlfriend as a female
<mouser>   yeah that too
<app>   what mouser needs is a special version of the sims, where he can go postal and shoot people, then visit his sim girlfriend
<Metshrine>   They have the second part already
<Metshrine>   plus a nudity mod
<Metshrine>   so he can even simulate that part of it!
<scannie>   <@mouser> so ill be a woman
<scannie>   nuff said
*   Metshrine has changed the topic to: <@mouser> i thought i would enjoy playing as a man
*   JeseRchlr has joined #donationcoder
<Metshrine>   scannie: Donde esta un biblioteca?
<JeseRchlr>   I am Mr. Bombastic! When we have sex it's fantastic! I stick to you like your underwears elastic. I do all of that because I am Mr. Bombastic!
*   JeseRchlr has quit (Client Quit)
<scannie>   josh: UNA biblioteca
<Metshrine>   I say un
<Metshrine>   deal with it!
<Metshrine>   ;-)
<mouser>   who wants to go shopping with me
<Metshrine>   OMG!
<Metshrine>   He's turning into a woman!
<mouser>   oh be quiet
*   Metshrine throws testerone boosters at Jesse
<Metshrine>   Quick
<mouser>   who is the one who has been begging for a teddy bear
<Metshrine>   take them all!
<mouser>   for months
<Metshrine>   We will save your manhood
<mouser>   and crying himself to sleep without it
<Metshrine>   Mouser: I am trying to add to my support of donationcoder
<Metshrine>   if you would prefer I won't
<mouser>   im just teasing!!
<Metshrine>   heh
<Metshrine>   such a tard
<scannie>   mouser: that´s prolly me

I think 'lol' and 'haha' are appropriate right now.  :Thmbsup:

This is somewhat off topic and more of a reply to App's IRC quote:

I've been thinking lately about an extremely easy game mode, something like "infant mode" or "automated mode," because I have lots of nieces and nephews who like to play games but since they're so young they need someone else to do most of it with them or at least have someone there telling them exactly what to do.

So lately I've been thinking of making modern games with regular difficulties with normal controls, but also special "baby" modes so that anybody can "play" the game and learn the plot and see how it ends. I think Nintendo has recently patented something similar, where you can get hints and tips and even watch videos on how to solve certain puzzles in games, and potentially even just "skip" the puzzle so you can continue on. But my idea takes it a little further, perhaps, and just assists you by basically taking control away from the player in certain circumstances and doing it for you.

Almost like a semi-autopilot. The player can press buttons and move the character around and stuff, but if the player does something dangerous like attempts to jump off the cliff into the spikes, the game will prevent that from happening. Or if the player goes into a group of enemies and isn't defending himself, the game will do the fighting for him.

Anyway, it's just something I was thinking about so that my little monkeys could "play" the same games I do, but the difficulty would be appropriate for both myself and for the little tykes.

I got a nice, "borrowed from society" -version of it - just plug and play!
The game is great, but it`s kind of same crap all day along.
Only good thing is, that Im playing with Obama!

Deo i like this idea -- let me take it further, i think a nice really casual mode that games could have might be to be able to play them on "advice" mode, where the game would basically play itself, but take "advice" from the player.

So if player wanted to move the character, the game AI would do the shooting.. If player wanted to do the shooting, the AI would take over moving, etc.  Up to the point where the game would basically play itself and let the player occasionally do things like set a general goal or make an important choice.


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