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Circle Dock Multiple instances startup...

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The reason you are having problems and triggered that error is that all your instances are installed in System-protected folders and they are all trying to access the same configuration files.

Try installing each instance into a non-System-protected folder, such as C:\CircleDock 1 ...


Archon of Fate:
I thought the folder i had them in wasn't system protected but it appears I was wrong I gave each dock its own background to see it they'd all copy one instance it didnt. So my docks wont copy themselves anymore that looks like it has been solved all I can say is thank you for your help  :Thmbsup:

my other problem still confuses me though all of my instances won't start with my comp, only one will. Is there any way to fix this?  :o


It's not multi instances but still a sort of multidock :)
The idea is to be able to set up several docks. Have ur keyboard shortcut cycle thru the docks over a given amount of time as the keys are held down.
eg 4 dock set up.
press shortcut, the 1st dock appears (or "1" etc), then after a pause the 2nd one replaces it etc. If i wanted the 3rd i would just release keys before it changes to the 4th. Being able to enable/disable each dock would be good :)

Archon of Fate:
Thanks for the tip  :Thmbsup: I'll use hot keys till I get or find a solution to get the docks to all startup with windows.  :)

I have yet to try it, and it will not be until much later today or tomorrow.
I would try a batch file to start the instances of Circle Dock, and then put a shortcut of the batch file in the startup folder


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