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Archon of Fate:
I am at a loss, I just got 1.5 and loved it but wanted to start multiple docks i was able to start each one and put unique shortcuts in each one. when I logged off and logged on though my docks merged according to the 1st instance (I think), so basically I lost my shortcuts in my other 3 (basically had 4 docks that were the same after i started the other 3  :o). I went and enabled protability mode for each instance, and put shortcuts of each circle dock in my startup folder, but to no avail. Not only that but only one of my four docks will load on startup even though all of them are in  my startup folder(because you can't enable auto startup with protability mode on). I read the help file on multiple instances and it don't tell me how to autostart all of my instances. I really like this program, but am completely lost on how to run multiple instances in 1.5. Any help would be appriciated.  :tellme:

Let me run some tests over the next few days and see if I can get a working solution

Tell me more about your current set-up and how you have built your file structure

Archon of Fate:
i installed my circle docks to alternate program files directory, circle dock 1, 2, etc.. initially it would work when i put my shortcuts in each instance but it has the habit of "cloneing" the first instance on startup, settings and all while the others are lost forever. I checked portability mode and it worked... kind of 2 of my instances would start up while the other wouldn't initially but it appears the settings and data in instances 2-4 are still lost.

I do have .net frame work 2.0 but ill see if there is i higher version, if so maybe a capability problem on my part. :-[

I did have it set to act like .9 if that helps...

thanks for the help  :Thmbsup:

Archon of Fate:
oops I have .net 3.5.1  :-[

maybe give circle dock admin privileges?

Archon of Fate:
the admin option didn't work and my comp appears to be fighting me every step of the way...

I just got an error with my circle docks after i turned behave like .9 and portability options off

I don't appear to have too much luck with this application do I?


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