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Version 1.53 (Full Version) and Update v1.5x to v1.53 is now available

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Comments in the Newsletter say that 1.53 is the latest version of Circle Dock.
However, your page with links has version 1.52.  Will Circle Dock 1.53 eventually
show up with links?

Thanks (maraming salamat po) for a FANTASTIC Forum!

Karl K.
McKinney, Texas

Kkanalz, I noticed that also. However in the download thread indicated to the 1.52 link actually downloads 1.53. I tested it just a bit ago on a hunch. He just needs to update the link text, the file has been updated.

Hello, i have a problem when hiding circledock after opening a file created from rightclick add file/folder etc.
When creating an item by dragging a shortcut or rightclick add folder, everything works as it should.
I have the hide circledock after opening file/folder checked. Using the latest version of circledock. No mouse toggle.

This could be partly my fault - the help page doesn't explain that flag setting too clearly. In the main settings dialog, "Hide Dock after opening file/folder" is a default setting and it does not affect any Dock Items you have previously established. Each Dock Item's settings dialog has, towards the bottom of the dialog, a similar check box which will be set according to whatever the default setting was when that Dock Item was created.


:) Sorted. Cheers.


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