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Version 1.53 (Full Version) and Update v1.5x to v1.53 is now available

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You ar not missing a thing, except that to have a zip package (Standalone preset) and a full installer has become common place.
We do this at Rainmeter:

2 installers 2 zips

I each for 32 bit
one each for 64 bit

It os just a matter of catering abit to the customer needs.
At the same time the customers must also realize that hey get a product as is many times, and it is the programmer that is trying to make things easy...not or for him/her self, but the end user as well.

have it my way: I would release a standalone (set for portable mode) zip as well.
But I have left this to your good judgment Markham  ;)

Speaking from experience, distributing a Zip version may actually cause more problems than it fixes:

* Instructions would need to be provided in 54 different languages as to how to unzip the contents correctly.
* Users can not be relied upon to read documentation! At all. And especially "read-me"s.
* There are many unzippers out there that don't understand relative paths
* Inexperienced users won't understand what to do and will be confused. Telling such users to download and deploy using the installer version ain't going to fly!
Taken all of the above into account, I truly believe two things: (1) We will have more disgruntled (newbie) users and they will tell their friends = bad publicity; and (2) this board will be full of complaints and you'll be spending much of your time diagnosing installations.


the middle button sometimes can not activate CD,i have to restart the CD to make it work.ver 1.51 and ver 1.52 both has this problem.

1.53 now available.

   -showAll works but -show it's the same, when I use it for every CD came out this error: "An instance of Circle Dock is already running...."
I try 3 way:

* in file.bat "c:\aaa\bbb\CircleDock.exe" -show
* in shortcut
* a secret way for now ;)


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