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Version 1.53 (Full Version) and Update v1.5x to v1.53 is now available

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I have brought forward the release of version 1.5 due to the unfortunate discovery of a serious flaw in version 1.0. That flaw has, of course, been fixed and this version includes some neat new features, some enhancements to existing features as well as some other bugs eliminated.

One of the new features is the integration of StandaloneStack2 and this means that the version of StandaloneStack provided with earlier releases is no longer supported. Also the help system has been enlarged and is now more context-sensitive. Several changes involve the appearance and behaviour of the centre button - be sure to check those out!

I have also included a good selection of backgrounds and centre button images (some of which can also be used as backgrounds).

Please see this topic for the download link.



Update - 1600 GMT Feb 8, 2010
I have just released v1.51 which adds two configuration options to Stack Folders which will make them easier to work with. This update is included in the full version download but if you have already installed v1.50, then you can download and install the much smaller update patcher.

Update - 0845 GMT Feb 10, 2010
As promised, I've released v1.52. This clears several problems reported with earlier v1.5 releases - please see the "History" topic in the help pages for details of these.

Update- 1600 GMT Feb 11, 2010
Earlier 1.5 releases had a bug that manifested itself if Ctrl and/or Alt and/or Shift were used as mouse modifiers, they were otherwise unavailable. An embarrassing bug! That has now been fixed and a new command line parameter has been added.

Just woke....ugh
But I'm hot on it!
Wikidot will be updated shortly  :Thmbsup:

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key elements updated.
Will do more as time presents itself

Thanks again Markham

Great job, Thanks for your efforts.


I've updated this topic with the release of v1.52



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