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This is an application I wrote many years ago.  As a new member on DC I wanted to share this.
It is an 'old idea' that is now new again.

The Customizable Slithering Button Application Generator is a useless little application you can use to pull a harmless prank on your friends.
It is small, light, fast, requires NO EXTERNAL LIBRARIES.

It is not clear exactly where/how to post something like this.

Pretty funny.  For those unclear what it does.. it's meant to be used as a prank.. when you run the application it shows a dialog with some buttons, when you move your mouse over one of the buttons to click it, the button moves away from under the cursor. You can customize the dialog and button text.

I think it would have been better if you had the mouse moving away from the yes button instead, so that the cursor can never get near the button without the button itself moving at all.
Some kind of magnet repulsion effect.


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