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Browser Wars: Why did you choose yours?

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Virtually every Firefox extension can be ported to Chrome and you can run Greasemonkey scripts in it without an extension.-zridling (February 05, 2010, 09:31 PM)
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So, basically, Chrome is a Firefox clone?  8)
(I've read that there are some incompatibilities with existing GM scripts indeed.)

I started years ago with Netscape, then switched to Opera because I loved some of its innovative built-in features, plus the fact that I could customize it.  I used Opera for years (even when it cost money), but eventually I switched to Firefox because it rendered more sites correctly than Opera did.  Opera kept insisting on perfect adherence to "standards," which was fine in the abstract but sucked in real life.  Firefox is still my default browser.  I now value it primarily for some of its extensions, but I'm increasingly frustrated with how sluggish it has become.  If Opera (which I find much faster) had extensions, I'd switch back to it in a heartbeat.  I've been interested in what people have said in recent threads here about Chrome.  I'm somewhat wary about putting yet more of my online life in Google's hands, but I may eventually give Chrome a try.

3 reasons:

1. Extensions
2. Extensions
3. Extensions


Tuxman: So, you are basically saying that any browser which has extensions is a clone of firefox, is that right? If so, then mozilla and netscape were both copies of IE because IE allowed products to tie into the browser from the beginning. Other browsers based off IE have allowed similar functionality well before your beloved FF came into play. Now please note, I am not knocking FF, I like it and use it currently, but as I said before, once Roboform comes to chrome, I am jumping ship. It is not that Mozilla (Or its users in the case of extensions) are not innovative enough, its that chrome gives me what I want in a 0 n

You seem bent on the fact that everyone else is running with extensions or various extension features (NOT CREATED BY MOZILLA, but by its users). In the end the only thing that matters is not who did it first, but who does it best and in my books chrome is doing quite a good job so far of catching up and has quite a bit of potential and kinetic momentum to let it surpass what firefox started with its FRAMEWORK. That is the primary difference is that FF made it possible for EVERYONE to tie into the browser through a common framework/API. Microsoft allowed this from the start through its Windows API.

As I said, in the end, its not a matter of who copied who or who did what first. It is a matter of who A. Does it best, B. Does it in a way that works for the end user or C. Does it in a way that is most intuitive to the general populous. So please, all I am asking is that we stop the "X is just a copy of Y" or that "X did Y feature first". It really gets old especially with the opera crowd and tabbed browsing.

Maxthon, because it seems better equiped than everything else - but i confess, i've probably not made enough effort to find the plugins for the other browsers to make them work the same... but why bother when Maxthon comes with most "plugin" features built in.

(plus Maxthon starts up pretty quick.)


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