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fSecrit 1.2 "eat all inside self"


Hi everybody! (sorry for my language, is very bad)
Maybe this question is irrelevant, but I need your quickly help. I use this program for save many passwords for many web services... This file have over 300 lines of text.
After last saving this file I sync work folders to flash card and when I try to open this later, fSecrit is open as a first launch programm without some stuff inside (not as file with password requestion).

I know, all my data is erased (file size decrease from 60 to 50Kb ) and I can't restore it. I want to thank you for this program that I use 2 years without a some problems. But now I need to restore passwords with e-mail reminders there, where it is possible and choose new soft for passwords storage.

If you have some ideas how to restore this stuff, please send your message to [email protected]

First, let me say I'm sorry to hear you've lost data - this is never a fun thing. I can't overstate the value of backups!

fSekrit 1.2 is a pretty old version, and embarrassingly enough, 100%-safe saves wasn't implemented until the latest version, 1.4. Under normal situations, earlier versions shouldn't experience data-loss, unfortunately real-life has abnormal situations :(. All versions previous to 1.4 saves directly to your executable, which means a crash, network failure, pesky antivirus application, (...) can cause the save to fail, and our old data being overwritten. Newer versions save to a temporary file first, and only overwrite the original once the temporary file is fully saved.

If you haven't modified any files on the flash card since the failed save, there's a possibility you might be able to restore the truncated data - it's a bit of a far shot, but it might be possible... it would probably require a raw dump of the flash card and some custom search-for-container code. How big is the flash card, and how sensitive is any non-encrypted data on it?

I'll continue this in e-mail, but posting here to show that an issue like this is indeed taken serious.

Hello. I use 16Gb flash-card to synchronize data between work and home computer. When I save file to flash-card from work PC, I didn't know that his size was decreased. I mean that something wrong will be with this file before all my synchronize operations. Some times (one or two during all time of use
) program told me about strong error in the message with red label when I try to save changes. And after the program worked correctly again.

Oh, so the password file has been corrupted for some time, and then other files have been written to the flash-card? Then it probably won't be possible to recover information :/


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