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Update: WARNING!!! Circle Dock Portable Maker has a SEVERE program Flaw!!!!

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Utilize the Portability Making feature cautiously
Apparently if you go to the Settings > Portable Applications, and select both options, and select a drive letter and not a folder.
The very first process is to wipe all contents.
So if you point this application, with both options checked to a drive letter (say: I:/) It will promptly go ahead and wipe the entire drive of all data!

No check, no "are you sure" just follows through

Run either one option individually, and there does not appear to be an issue.
Send it to a folder of choice, and there is no apparent issue; though with both selected it will wipe that folder, and only that folder

Know that we are hot on it folks, and we will update you on all progress in this matter


Here is the safest work around that I could find until this flaw is fixed.

1.) Create a new file anywhere.
2.) You may label this file in any way you feel appropriate.
3.) when creating a a zip, you may check the create zip or both options
4.) ensure that the folder is path'ed to the folder you just created
5.) Click finish

This will still want to delete any files that are in the file, but since it is a new file, and should be empty, the build becomes non-volatile.

The packaged Circle Dock, works as expected, once unzipped and instituted.

maybe the smartest thing to do would be to avoid these portability options and process completely until a new version is released.


This issue has been fixed as from v1.5.



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