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Just how many Hitler videos does the world need?

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i've reflected on how upsetting this could be to those whose families were affected by this man and this regime.. i'm sure there are a variety of views -- some might enjoy the mockery of the man, but i can also see some people being deeply hurt at the idea of people having fun watching this mass murderer...

anyway, maybe it's just not the best subject for making a donationcoder video..
-mouser (February 03, 2010, 12:07 AM)
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Couldn't agree more, I am sure there are much more appropriate topics to base a DC video on.  Perhaps something that wouldn't possibly create major controversy?

Some ideas might be:

Dubbed Short Chinese Movie
Dubbed News Interview
Dubbed TV Advertisement (Perhaps one based around computing {IE: Windows vs Apple Ads})

Maybe those would be more a appropriate basis for it.  :-\

For those interested in the dubbing-as-humor genre, Woody Allen was ahead of his time in 1966 when he made an entire comedy movie called "What's Up Tiger Lilly" by dubbing a japanese movie.  I saw it as a kid and found it profoundly unfunny -- so i can't vouch for it.
-mouser (February 02, 2010, 09:16 AM)
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My friends and I did a little "Mystery Science Theater 3000" of our own a couple years back. One of my friends, who was my room-mate at the time, was really into older foreign martial arts films. I remember him renting one movie that none of us had ever seen before, which only had subtitles (it wasn't dubbed). We didn't pay much attention to the subtitles, and just made stuff up as the movie went along.

I always figured that the guys at MST3000 would watch a movie repeatedly to come up with their jokes, so I was really surprised at how well it all worked, making fun of it spontaneously, ad-libbing the dialog when their mouths moved.

I don't even remember what the movie was about, but I do remember several of the things we joked that it was about.

Also, you have to consider that Germany has been a model of democracy for the past 60 years. Most Germans are two generations removed from Hitler and don't really talk about the guy, much less want to identify with him. Imagine if the world identified Americans as a people who like George Bush. That would be horrific! But by Jove, it's our right to make fun of the basterd!

Imagine if the world identified Americans as a people who like George Bush.-zridling (February 05, 2010, 09:14 PM)
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Hm, let me guess... uneducated, fat teenagers... the least of them would even find Austria on a world map... racism and force of arms are normal there... everyone's got a gun, but don't even DARE to say "fuck" in public...

No, US Americans are even worse than Bush. Get educated and try again.

(Disclaimer: My posting is, probably, full of prejudices. Feel free to prove me wrong.)

OK, I'm not uneducated, fat, or a teenager...
AND I equally detest smug anti-Americanism just as much as crass American self-aggrandizement.
I'm not going to apologize for living here, and believe it or not, I kinda like the place.
I also like my DonationCoder with a minimum of politics and religion so can we cut it?...  :mad:

Can we all also agree that Hitler was a bad guy and then take a few backbone pills and stop getting all nervous about it?
Let it be said that I'd be the first to hold the whithered hand of a former Dachau or Auschwitz prisoner and listen compassionately and intently to the horrors that befell them in the human-created hell that it was...
But jeez-louise, the man is dead and these are freaking youtube videos.  :huh:

I think it's a fitting end for memories of such a monstrous personality to be turned into entertainment, to have portrayals of his weakest moment creatively redirected into mundane social commentary, to know that such ridicule is often most bitingly reserved for the most baleful.
Besides, I think the vids are damn funny.


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