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Just how many Hitler videos does the world need?

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Maybe someone can make one of these hitler videos about DonationCoder?  Told from the standpoint of someone angry about having to donate? or else told from the opposite standpoint, of a coder upset that people aren't donating enough?  Or ranting about Cody the mascot? Or ranting about the posts of one of the long-time members of the forum?-mouser (February 02, 2010, 09:19 AM)
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Why not do Hitler having a melt down because DC is providing custom programming free, instead of charging a kings ransom for it like a "proper" (blood sucking) corporate machine.
-Stoic Joker (February 02, 2010, 05:26 PM)
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Pardon my ignorance, but I thought nazism meant Nationalsozialismus - i.e., socialism. Thus, would Hitler be a ide-hard capitalist against the ideas of DonationCoder?

I could of course be wrong, I haven't read Mein Kampf and didn't pay that close attention to WWII history lessons :)

Hehe, f0dder, that is one big mistake people make when talking about Left and Right. National socialism is, basically, patriotic socialism, yes. (So the antifascists should love it with all their "Capitalism sucks!!111" bs.)

@wr975: Brilliant. Thanks for the link.

These are funnier than anything Saturday Night Live has done in more than a decade!

i've reflected on how upsetting this could be to those whose families were affected by this man and this regime.. i'm sure there are a variety of views -- some might enjoy the mockery of the man, but i can also see some people being deeply hurt at the idea of people having fun watching this mass murderer...

anyway, maybe it's just not the best subject for making a donationcoder video..

Well, he is dead. He has been for more than 60 years now. Don't you think it is about time to stop thinking about "affected families" first? Since the end of the Reich, there were many more terror regimes all over the world. (Bush, cough.)
Tabooizing and satanizing Hitler makes him stay popular. I don't think there is any reasonable reason to do so for 60 more years. Do you?


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