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"Recent folders" in the open/save dialog box

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Re "Direct folders", I have edited my first message so it is more readable. ;)

Direct folders : alas the "recent folders" option does not appear in the open/save dialog box under vista
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jity2 - oops  :-[

No problem Darwin. It was my fault!  :-[

i'd say FileBox eXtender works well enough under Vista.

it remembers saved and recent folders and resizes the open/save dialog window. auto set to details view doesn't work - not what what else doesn't work.

the buttons it produces don't look too great if you are using aero.

No problem Darwin. It was my fault!  :-[
-jity2 (February 02, 2010, 12:43 PM)
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It was?!?  So it was you that stopped development then?   



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