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"Recent folders" in the open/save dialog box

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I have tested a few programs (*) under Vista which could have the option: a list of the "recent folders" in the open/save dialog box (Vista naturally has one on the the left part of the open/save dialog box, but it does not work in real time).

The only one, that is working for me is (shareware - I am unrelated to this company and I am still in the trial period):
PS Hot Folders

I would be pleased to know if you have any other ideas. ;)
Thanks in advance ;)

Many programs exist and work under xp only. ;(

Tested, but failed to do the job under vista:
Direct folders : alas the "recent folders" option does not appear in the open/save dialog box under vista
Pikyfolders (Pikisuite) : alas add only "favorite folders" option in the open/save dialog box

Should not work under Vista:
FileBox eXtender
Dialog Box Assistant

It may sound strange, but for this you can also use AnVir Task Manager Pro!!! I cannot remember if the free version has it as well. Edited: do they even have a free version?

FileBox eXtender works on Vista and Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit).


FileBox eXtender works on Vista and Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit).
--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---

"No longer in development, dialog/explorer window settings did not work consistently in Vista."

Direct Folders should do this as well. Caveat: I've not used it under either Vista or Windows 7... However, according to their web page it should work. Note that I am basing this on having used this in the past AND on one of the screenshots from the page to which I linked. The Recent Folders option appears to be available via the context menu. I'm not sure if this option is functional in the free version or not. On the plus side, if you buy the Pro version, you get a lifetime license.

Note: some members (I believe Renegade is one) have had MAJOR issues with Codesector WRT support.


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