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Web-Browser Review: Opera 10.00

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beef it up how exactly? it already has the ability to save username/passwords for every website your a member of, although I would like it if it would read captcha images for those websites that obsess over verification on login...


Dunno if its useful to anybody, but just found out that '' is compatible with Opera :)

The wand lacks in its ability to poorly manage multiple login names per site, the ability to edit stored passwords so you do not have to DELETE and then RECREATE your login in opera, and various other password field catching code. Yes, it can catch some sites, but sites like bank of america where you get a second prompt requires 2 separate logins for opera. I can do this in one fell swoop in roboform.

Also, the bookmarklet is nice for roboform but it is no roboform toolbar. Yes, it works ok, but it is slow and requires you operate online. In my profession, I use roboform in instances where a connection to the commercial internet is not possible. That is where roboform shines above all others. It allows me to operate in the environment of my choosing, how I want.

But yes, opera does have quite a bit of catch up to do on A LOT of their features. Most of their features are created so that opera can say "We did it first" and then left to stagnate. This has been proven time and time again where a new feature will be introduced and never touched again.

Also, the bookmarklet is nice for roboform but it is no roboform toolbar.

--- End quote ---

Ah, sorry, I don't actually use roboform myself so didn't understand its full workings so figured that the bookmarklet mmight of been some use to you.

I did find some info into how extensions and scripts are made on Opera though, maybe you will find it is an interesting read, although, if your anything like me, you will just give up with it after 2 minutes and go back to what you was doing.

Yes, that is for PLUGINS not EXTENSIONS. This plugin API allows content like flash and java to work with opera. It is not an EXTENSIONS API.

(Like in the other post) I didn't read the full document, it was labeled as Extensions and posted on the Opera website lol, figured I would trust their wording, maybe I wont be as trusting next time lol


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