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Web-Browser Review: Opera 10.00

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u CAN make addons for Opera... :huh:
-Stephen66515 (February 01, 2010, 08:36 PM)
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Are you talking about that 'widgets' thing? C'mon, you can't modify the browser's UI >.>

C'mon, you can't modify the browser's UI >.>
-scancode (February 01, 2010, 08:39 PM)
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Nope, but why would you want to lol

Because you can do that in better browsers than that proprietary Opera thingy.  :P

Because opera developers, no matter how much they claim otherwise, do not know what is best for every user? Because user made addons let me PERSONALIZE my browser to the way I surf and the information I want available? Because opera developers choose to not add support for certain features *cough* autocomplete *cough* that are widespread in every other major competitor?

Do you want me to continue?

Plus, why does this mini-review feel like every other comment I see from an opera user? They fail to admit where their product falls short and any mention of a way in which the product does instantly results in a comment like "Who uses that" or "You can do A by doing B C D followed by E while holding F G and H"?

Josh, why would you want to post such a thoughtful response you think too much just use Opera lol


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