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Web-Browser Review: Opera 10.00

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I honestly find the whole argument juvenille. Just my two cents. FF is the accepted term, proper or not. Arguing about it will not solve anything and is trivial given that the entire issue is a play on semantics and not really conducive to actual chat/debate about the original topic, Opera.

Tux, I realize you like to nit-pick, but come on. Let us get back to the original topic.

Hm, I thought the topic was already discussed.  :D

The main things that always attracted me about Opera were speed and built-in features. I hear with 10.5 "pre-alpha" Opera once again takes the speed crown in all respects, not just regular browsing (i.e. javascript too).
That's pretty exciting. Has anyone tried it?

- Oshyan
-JavaJones (February 03, 2010, 02:06 PM)
--- End quote ---

Yes, I have it installed and in fact it is the version that I tested against Fx (!), Chromium, IE8 and Safari. If only it supported Roboform... (sigh!).

Yes, that's a shame. There is always the Lastpass Bookmarklet, but I realize it's not an adequate solution. Stupid, stupid Opera devs! Their lack of extensions seems to be considered a "feature" (and not in the "bug we don't intend to fix" sense, but in the "we're proud of our lack of extensions" sense). Yeesh.

- Oshyan

Does anyone get an "Applish" vibe when they think about opera?


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