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Web-Browser Review: Opera 10.00

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Stephen66515, it's your review. You get to write what you feel.
Don't moderate your review based on what you think someone else would like to hear.
*edit* Sure, more content would be welcome, but not your position.

For what it's worth, every single time I try to start using Firefox for regular use (a new release perhaps), I end up remembering that I seriously dislike it. I do use it occasionally for one plug-in (DownThemAll) and, even then, I only use one particular feature of that.  But for that, I would not even bother install it.

Opera rules (in my world anyway) since version 2.1!!

Nigel, I do not expect ANYONE to alter their position on a program, issue or debate based on my thoughts. What I do hope for, especially on DC, is good content in a review. Simply saying "everything" is good and "There are no cons" does not help someone, as a reader, understand why a program is good. That is all I am asking for here, not that he change his viewpoint on opera.

One thing I have noticed on DC, in particular, is that when a user writes a mini-review and includes a good amount of content, the MR topic will get a lot more attention than one which uses wording as described above by myself and other posters.

Also, Nigel, I mis-understood what Josh was requesting and after speaking with him I now understand that my old way of writing reviews is not comprehensive enough for DC.

Since taking on this constructive criticism I have found I can write a much more in-depth review which will be more appropriate and informative to the end user

And generate more conversation/debate here on DC which is what I am all about!

precisely, although, this topic has created a bit of chat eh :P


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