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Web-Browser Review: Opera 10.00

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You would note, a review is a person(s) personal opinion's of a selected product.  The above review, is MY personal experience with Opera.

Take it or leave it, it wouldn't bother me if anybody switched over to this browser to be perfectly honest :)

Reviews should actually describe a product's features and not just say "OK, it has some features, but the main thing is: Whoa, this is great!!!111"...

You also come forth to say that "I wont even put it in the same league as internet explorer". I see no justification for this comment based on this review. IE is a browser, Opera is a browser. What basis do you make these comments on?

What are these "Advanced security features" you speak of?

What makes the RSS reader "awesome"?

Easy to change themes

Ability to store notes and connect to your e-mail client (basically an outlook style application)

Options to Save, Manage, Import and Export your browsing sessions, so if you have a few tabs open that you usually use, you can set that to be the default session.

Option to restore previous session after unexpected crash or system reboot.

--- End quote ---

All of these are capable of being done in Firefox, IE and Chrome. How are these "Opera-unique"?

I do love Opera, but the lack of 3rd party add-on support is a deal breaker for me, so much so, that I've never spent any time using it as my main browser. I'm not sure what I'd think of it if I set it as my default browser for a week... A worthy experiment, probably. Might just have to do that one.

FWIW, to elaborate a bit on my earlier post, I tested Safari 4, Chrome and Chromium 3, Firefox 3.6 and IE 8 against each other with the same set of tabs open. Opera was much, much faster than anything else and used the least amount system memory as well. I finally settled on IE 8, thereby ending a year-long relationship with Firefox. I just couldn't take the explorer.exe crashes that it produces under Windows 7 64-bit any longer. Had them at least once a day with Firefox installed and haven't seen one since I uninstalled it. Chrome/Chromium have special spots on my hate list because of their useless uninstall routines that leave themselves set as your default browser even after you've uninstalled them.

Taking into account all the useful comments that have been given to me, my further reviews will contain a much more evenly based approach.  I realize that this one seems biased, but being some-what new here, I am used to the way I used to do reviews, which where MORE than sufficient on other forums and media outlets.

Keep the comments coming guys as I would love to see what I can add into anything else I put onto here.



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