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Web-Browser Review: Opera 10.00

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I'd flag this as spam if I could. What have you learned after reading the review?

Two points:

1. Pro - Opera 10.5 beta is SVELTE compared to all others WRT resource utilization.
2. Con - No Roboform. Need I say more...?

What I learned through this "review" is the same thing I already knew...Opera users, generally, treat themselves as elitists due to their low market share. It seems any product which holds a small portion of the market for such a long time ends up being tagged as an elitist product simply because "I use something not very many others use, look at how cool I am".

Stephen, I hate to be so critical publicly but if I wanted to see a "review" where an opera user gives me 200 reasons they the product is great with absolutely no shortcomings listed or no objectivity given, I would go to the opera forums. I would then ask them why after all of these years they fail to implement common features found amongst all other browsers and choose to ignore thousands upon thousands of user requests. I would then put on my flame-retardant pants because those are the only replies I would receive minus the one or two who agree buried in those replies. It's almost as bad as walking into a linux IRC channel after installing ubuntu for the first time and asking how to install a program "RTFM NOOB!!!!!"

Josh, OK, if you want a couple of downfalls, please read the edited review...I felt they where UN-needed as they will not apply for 99% of users.  But seeing as you now think I merely overlooked these, I WILL add them.

I don't know if I should take a review which contains "It does not compare to other browsers, because it has so many options and is so much better and stuff" seriously.



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