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Mini-Review: SAM Audio Broadcaster 3.3.2


Basic Info

App NameSAM BroadcasterApp URL Version Reviewed3.3.2 (Old Version)Test System SpecsAsus Xonar D2 Ultra Fidelity 7.1 PCI Sound Card
Win XP Pro SP3

--- End quote ---
Supported OSesWin XP/Vista - Unsure about 7Support MethodsSee: PolicyNo Info FoundTrial Version Available?Available - 14Day Full Featured TrialPricing SchemeOnly 1 version availableReviewer Donation LinkDonate to Stephen66515, the Review WriterRelationship btwn. Reviewer and Product Current Customer

Who is this app designed for:

Any aspiring radio DJ

The Good

Ability to change your audio quality mid-stream.

Multiple encoders and streams from the same system.

The needs improvement section

Sometimes restarts the stream off its own accord, doesn't affect the listeners (1/2 second skip) but it can be irritating during a live chat show


If you are looking to start up an on-line Radio Broadcast, whether it be Live or Pre-Recorded, then I would highly recommend SAM3.3.2.

With a 3 Desktop Layout, you can easily switch between different options

Mini-Review: SAM Audio Broadcaster 3.3.2
Mini-Review: SAM Audio Broadcaster 3.3.2
Mini-Review: SAM Audio Broadcaster 3.3.2

All of the above desktops can be customized to have any part of the software you want in them, this is easily done by clicking the 'Window' tab and simply choosing the option.

Streaming Options (Static Relays):

MediaPoint Manager (Windows Media)
Icecast 2
P2P Streamer


MP3 & MP3Pro
WMA (v9)
Legacy MP3 (ACM Codec)
Ogg (Vorbis)


With Voice Effects, Total Voice Control, Fully featured Equalizers for each Deck and the Voice Link, Queue History and HTML/PHP website output, you could be the star of your own radio station in the next 2 hours!

The HTML/PHP Website option can either upload direct to a FTP or be saved into your Apache folder so you can host it yourself.

Website Features:

Live Radio Link (Listen Now Button)
Buy Now (Purchase Tracks on Demand)
And Much Much More...

All in all, i would give this software a 98% rating and recommend it to any aspiring Radio DJ.

Available From:


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