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Development: progress and thougts

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Yeah, the last one does not seem to allow reusing code. In any case, is it a good idea to use a Creative Commons license for software?

BTW, the CC page is beautifully designed. The FSF or the OSI could learn a lot of things from them, would make things easier for people choosing the most appropriate license for their software, as well as explaining the big points of the license without forcing the author to go through all that legalese.

Yeah, the last one does not seem to allow reusing code. In any case, is it a good idea to use a Creative Commons license for software?-Lashiec (February 01, 2010, 10:28 AM)
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That's definitely something I'd like to hear other people's thoughts on - it does feel a bit awkward. If somebody can find me a software-specific license that resembles CC's Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike, let me know :)

I know you are thinking about opensoure, which is great!. but for now i had a question about programming. I am mostly interested in how you saved the user data back into the exe to make it self contained. I was trying to find some tutorials of this type but could not find success. is there a reference you used that you can point me to? also what programming languag is fSekrit written in.

Thanks you

fSekrit was written in C++, with all GUI stuff done through direct Win32 API calls - no MFC or whatnot.

As for the exe updating, this is great fun :P. First, you need to identify whether there's saved data or not. For this, I write an 8-byte tag to the end of the exe (*after*) data is appended. This consists of a 4-byte magic marker value, and a 4-byte "size of data blob".

That's the easy part - actually writing the data isn't so easy, since Windows keeps a lock on executable files while they're running. Thus, I have to do a funky little dance where I copy the opened fSekrit note to %temp%, run that with command-line arguments, and have this copy in %temp% update the original file.

Stoic Joker:
After recent events, I had to go back and double check on how the code for T-Clock was originally released. It was (thankfully) just included in the download with no strings attached to be used as a learning aid (according to Kazubon).

And it occurred to me; if I did release the code in the same fashion (which I'm inclined to do), and someone expanded on the work to create a commercial product that they got rich on (not likely but...), am I really willing to/interested in going through all the legal/lawyer crap? The answer is simply no. Frankly, any lawyer I could afford would get shredded instantly, so I'll be much farther ahead just saving the money.

Now you are the original author of FSekrit - A fine program indeed - But are you really willing to go through all the legal crap if somebody learned enough from your code to get ahead?

Just a Thought,
Stoic Joker


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