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DONE: Faster boots combining hibernate and restart (Boot Snooze)

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megablue: interesting idea, but not really doable IMHO. Too many things that can go out of sync between memory and disk, the registry being just one part. It could possibly be done, but it'd be insanely complex, and not something I'd trust a 3rd party to do.

Now, if you were willing to discard all filesystem changes after boot, it might be feasible - but then it wouldn't be very useful either :)
-f0dder (February 05, 2010, 08:50 AM)
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I knew it is hard archive. However we seen software like DeepFreeze, Sandboxie... I think some of the concepts can be applied on the idea. Still I'm not insane enough to not realize it is a crazy idea and way too ambitious ...  :D

Well, DeepFreeze discards all modifications, right? And SandBoxIE only virtualizes individual apps, it doesn't encapsulate the entire system. Not saying entirely that it can't be done, but it'd be really hard, and to be realistic it'd probably require Microsoft to implement the feature. And for how much gain, really? :)

You can sorta achieve what you want by using a VM that supports snapshots - but that means running your entire OS virtualized, and snapshots aren't just "hibernation" style state snapshots, it includes disk contents as well...

And now on LifeHacker:

I say, well done  :up: :up:



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