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DONE: Faster boots combining hibernate and restart (Boot Snooze)

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Many users use the hibernate feature instead of shutting down so they can start the computer faster next time, there a downside for this though: the computer will hardly ever get restarted, so it can't perform the usual startup checks and other stuff that keeps the OS healthy.
If others took the other rote and decided to shutdown the computer completely, the next start will be slower than a hibernate of course, but at least the OS will have a chance to reload, free memory..etc

So why not have both? When a user wants to shutdown his computer, the little program will kicks in: performing a restart instead, which will then be accompanied with a hibernate after the computer completely boots so the next boot will be 5 seconds away!

That's all, hopefully others will find this idea useful and it will not be me only. :P

I love it.  I think I might even pay money for such a thing.

that is kind of brilliant.

another feature you could add is when it wakes up from hibernate it checks how long it has been hibernating for -- if its more than X days, it would offer to reboot.

This would be, I think, a piece of cake to write.  I'm thinking the following logic:

1) Instead of using the normal Windows shutdown, you would run my executable.
2) My executable would insert a shortcut into the computer's startup folder and reboot the computer.
3) After rebooting and waiting, say, ten minutes to allow for a full bootup, the startup shortcut would be removed and the computer would be put into hibernation.


go for it skwire!

i think the danger here is of something going wrong with the post-restart process, and getting into a cycle of never ending reboots.

one way to solve this is when the startup shortcut is run, it should give a countdown to hibernate, with button to cancel+remove shortcut; and if the program ever can't remove the shortcut for some reason it needs to report this and tell user what to do.

remember that you will want to give the pc some amount of time after the reboot to finish the startup process, otherwise it may not hibernate nicely.


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